Chris Young: A Knight to remember

Chris Young: A Knight to remember

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- In the end, the game of football is judged by wins and losses.

On this night, on this field, 27-yeard old Chris Young experiences heartache.

His Marian Knights lose to Bremen by a final score of 21-14.

But in a life full of hardships it's a winning attitude that has pulled him through.

Jack Daly, from Logan Protective Services, knows how tough his life has been.

"He was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A few of the hold overs from the parents. It’s basically from birth. So at seven, he was removed from the family situation because it was abusive. He was abused pretty seriously," said Daly.

Chris lived in multiple foster homes after the age of seven, bouncing around in-between centers and residential programs.

That is, until July 15, 2010.

That's when the Logan Protective Services Board took legal guardianship of Chris.

“You become part of the family, the family that fell out from underneath somebody. When we take guardianship of somebody, it’s a lifetime relationship," said Daly.

Charlotte Ottbridge is part of a group called ResCare and looks after Chris daily.

ResCare gives 24-hour, around the clock care to special needs adults like Chris and giving them hope for an independent life.

"He has good days and he has bad days, just like us. And I tell him you know, today is never promised, so we got to live it to the fullest,” said Ottbridge.

Although Chris still suffers from Bipolar Disorder and onset diabetes, his attitude and sense of humor say otherwise.

Aside from volunteering, Chris has two passions that are unmistakable: cooking and football.

When it comes time to turn on the Friday night lights, you can find the Knights' biggest fan and inspiration on the Marian sidelines, where he has been a fixture for nearly five years.

Living and breathing every moment, every pass, every penalty, every turnover, and every touchdown.

Reggie Glon is the head coach of the Marian Knights.

"When we win, he's the head coach. When we lose, I'm the head coach. He does have that special relationship. He is one of our teammates, he's one of our coaches, he's part of Marian football and we are just glad to have him around," said Glon.

As in the game of football, life too, is often measured in wins and losses.

Even though on this night he experiences heartbreak, in a lifetime full of them Chris young is a champion, conquering not only the challenges thrown his way, but the hearts of those who call him family.

Chris lives in a single family house with a roommate.

His care-takers say he is making strides every day.

Young is currently training for a part time job to be a greeter and answer phone calls. 

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