Christmas for the homeless

On Christmas morning a local Café opened up shop for the homeless and volunteers served up breakfast and gave out presents.  

Bradley Vermiloyar said, “Even though I'm homeless, this is the most fun I've had in years!”

The men from the homeless shelter in Benton Harbor said they are grateful to have a community to spend the holiday with. 

Kacey Cole said, "We had some eggs and cheese and potatoes. Some bacon. Can't go wrong with that. And some pancakes. I went ahead and passed on the syrup and went for some honey!”

Cole said he wants to be a politician one day. 

Cole said, “A lot of love in here. A lot of love.”

Cole said he lives at the shelter.

Cole said, “I had a little bit of an experience with God back in April, and he kind of led me in the direction towards trying to change the world I guess you could say. Leaning towards politics trying to benefit the people. Gotta look out for everybody.”

Andrew Collins said they have a bible study for the homeless at Café Mosaic during the week.

Collin said, “It can get to a point where it's all about what we get and I have the privilege of hanging out with these guys most mornings and you just see that there's so much need in this community and a lot of communities.”

Collins said companies from across Berrien County chipped in today to make this day special for the homeless.

Collins said, “Gordon Food Services donated a ton of food for us this morning, Shu's Bar and Grill donated for the gifts, the Wickham Tower from St. Joe also donated for that and a bunch of individuals!”

Honor Credit Union also donated bags for the homeless folks to put their presents in. 

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