Citizens address concerns about abandoned homes state project

SOUTH BEND, IN -- Indiana has been awarded more than $221 million under the Hardest Hit Fund, and South Bend could see some of that money to demolish abandoned and vacant homes.

Concerned citizens flooded downtown's public library, venting their frustrations with the amount of abandoned homes across South Bend.

The worst are not only abandoned, but blighted, an issue this city and this state is all too familiar with.

Getting rid of those houses takes money, and if this plan is aproved, that cash could come from Indiana's Hardest Hit Fund.

"The county is part of Division 2, and there's approximately $10.4 million for Division 2, only available for Division 2 counties," says Rayanna Binder, the program director.  

But neighbors will have to fight for it, in order to get an eyesore demolished, the home will have to score a certain amount of so-called pity points. 

Directors are looking to roll out the program in January, which means Division 2 can send in applications as early as the spring.  

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