City leaders push for iconic "Love" mural message to live on

NOW: City leaders push for iconic “Love“ mural message to live on

ELKHART, Ind. – The Love mural just outside of downtown Elkhart has been a mainstay of the community for nearly 30 years, but Monday morning, the wall it's painted on will start to come down.

The building, and a portion of the block it's nestled on at the corner of Main and Prairie Streets, will be taken down and replaced in an effort to comply with the needs of the city.

4th District Councilman Dwight Fish and 5th District Councilman Brent Curry both hold fond memories of the mural since its creation by artist Kelby Love in 1996. 

The mural features a large figure reaching a dividing hand down between two smaller armed figures at the street level, dispelling the weapons from their hands and preaching a clear message of nonviolence. 

"Kelby Love donated his love and his admiration for the city and his concern for the city in his artwork." said Councilman Fish. 

While the incoming development is expected to help meet the needs of the area, Curry won't be satisfied until the mural finds a new, more permanent home. 

"It’s making way for a good redevelopment, and I think the city will be proud of what’s built here, but I think they'll be more proud when we get this mural put back up somewhere else.” said Curry. 

Community members are encouraged to take final photos with the mural or create one last binding memory with the iconic scene in its original format before the deconstruction of the building begins Monday. 

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