City says it's improving safety as State Police investigate South Bend Fire Department

NOW: City says it’s improving safety as State Police investigate South Bend Fire Department

South Bend Mayor James Mueller says the city is trying new security measures to keep firefighters safe, as Indiana State Police investigate how a hidden camera ended up inside the women's locker room at South Bend Fire Department headquarters.

ABC57 News was the first to break the story of South Bend Fire Chief Carl Buchanon receiving a complaint that a video camera may have been spying on women who serve our community every day.

In a statement, Monday, Mayor Mueller said, “I'm confident that Chief Buchanon and his leadership team will make the changes necessary to ensure a safe, inclusive and harassment-free workplace for our fire service. A number of measures are already underway, including improved security at our fire stations, and we will continue to stand with our women firefighters, who have our full support.”

ABC57 has asked the city for details on how it’s improving safety, but has not heard back. 

It was just 3 months ago when 12 women with the South Bend Fire Department wrote Chief Buchanon a letter outlining allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and even a fire captain allegedly verbally harassing and hitting one of them. They claim the department’s leadership failed them by only giving that captain one day of unpaid time off; calling the punishment a, “slap on the wrist.”

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