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City will terminate contract with Banjo Inc, Goshen officials say

GOSHEN, Ind.— After learning new information about the past activities of Banjo, Inc. CEO Damien Patton, Goshen’s mayor and police chief have announced they are terminating their contract with the startup.

Officials said in a press release that the new information was learned after the March 9 Board of Works and Safety approval of the agreement between the real-time surveillance app and the Goshen Police Department. 

Goshen city officials did not specify what the new information was that brought them to their decision but multiple media reports have recently accused Patton of once being involved in a white supremacist group. 

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman shared the following statement on Tuesday.

“In light of the new information that has surfaced and that has been provided to me, I have concluded that the personal history of the co-founder and CEO of Banjo, Inc. goes against the core beliefs of Goshen. Goshen is an inclusive and accepting community and we do not support any hate groups, or the actions of such groups or actions of past or current members. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office recruited the Goshen Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies to participate in a trial program with Banjo, Inc. Because the Attorney General’s Office, through the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association, funded this trial program, the Goshen Police Department relied on their support of Banjo, Inc. at the state level. The information we now have in front of us has been shocking and Goshen will be terminating its contract with Banjo immediately.” 

Goshen’s Chief of Police Jose’ Miller released the following statement on Tuesday.

“In addition to the Mayor’s reply, to date the Goshen Police Department has not implemented any services provided by, or associated with, Banjo Inc. The Grant Agreement with the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association along with the Banjo Master Services Agreement was presented to the Board of Public Works and Safety on March 9th 2020 for approval. Goshen Police Department was informed on this date, the contract for the services of Banjo Inc. have not been finalized at the state level.” 

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MarkGarratt 36 days ago
So here's my question. Reading the New York Post's article on Patton, he has clearly shown remorse for what occurred over 30 years ago and no longer espouses the views he held then. What then is to be the statute limitations on bigotry and racism? Senator Robert Byrd was an active member and leader in the Klan when he was a young man, yet he went on to decades of elected office--as a Democrat, no less! Why are certain people with a unseemly past held up as pariahs, while others are forgiven and promoted? This inconsistency is disturbing. Please enlighten me!
And NEVER FORGET Mark Garratt... Goshen Indiana was known for decades as a racist town. Their moniker was "Sundown Town" Goshen Indiana. But the now mayor wishes to condemn a teenager's ill advised stupid incident of driving a vehicle while another shoots at a building. Does not seem to bother the very left leaning mayor that Patton was not of legal age, decades ago. So why does the so called leader believe Goshen should be exempt from their racial past. I suspect the incident that Patton was involved was plea bargained to a misdemeanor. I don't believe the Navy allows felons! Something very strange here. The left continues to lobby for release of 100s of 1000s prisoners, but condemns a person of turning their life around!
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