Clay International Academy students present findings in lead paint project

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Students from Clay International Academy put on a presentation Friday regarding their research on lead presence at their school.

Sixth graders at the school, along with their science teachers, tested paint on the ceiling of the gym, dust on lockers and dust behind bleachers.

They then presented their findings after nine weeks of running tests.

The dust collected received elevated results of lead, according to the school.

The students then presented their solutions for their findings.

They proposed scraping away the paint from the ceiling, wet mopping the floors to remove the dust and eventually fully repainting.

An easy and cost effective solution for lockers is to have the dust regularly wiped away.

A long-term solution would be to repaint the lockers all together.

“It was a lot more specific than we expected to be. We thought it was going to be like oh okay so we clean it, oh let us go and we’re all safe but it’s not like that at all,” Clay sixth grader, Kylie Bragg said.

Clay International Academy teamed up with students from Bethel College who acted as assistants during the process.

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