Coach Brey's son says he's a great father, grandfather

NOW: Coach Brey’s son says he’s a great father, grandfather

Not only is Mike Brey a great basketball coach, he's also a great dad and grandpa. Coach Brey's son Kyle spoke with Allison Hayes about his father's life and career.

Kyle Brey graduated from Penn High School and played college football at Buffalo.

He has worked for Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Bo Pelini at Youngstown State.

Now he's a teacher and football coach at Ardrey Kell High School in North Carolina, the school that sent Romeo and Julian Okwara and Prince Shembo to Notre Dame.

Coach Brey has mentored athletes from the likes of Duke and Notre Dame for 36 years, but his most important job was dad to Kyle and Callie.

"He's the same exact person when he's coaching or when he's at home with us. He never takes himself too seriously.  As much fun as it was to play for him, it's been that much of a pleasure to be his son," Kyle said.

Now he can add grandpa to his resume to 2 year old Olivia Marie and 2 month old Jude Michael.

"He was very excited about Jude Michael. He's already in the trust fund. He's set for life. Me, I'm going to have to find my own path, but Jude, he's good. He's full scholarship forever," Kyle said.

Kyle offered his congrats to his dad on his 394th win.

"Dad, congratulations. I'm so proud to be a part of the journey. I know you've touched so many lives. Me and Callie and mom and my wife Shae, Olivia and Jude, we have enjoyed every moment of it. You're not done yet," Kyle said.

Kyle says his dad is a great resource for him as a coach, too.

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