Coach Brian Kelly speaks out about Golson, using backup QB

After Saturday's tough loss to Arizona State University, the Fighting Irish are back on the practice field and are hoping to bounce back.

On Tuesday, Coach Brian Kelly met with the media to talk about the Northwestern game, saying they are working to fix the mistakes made on Saturday.

During Saturday's game, quarterback Everett Golson had five turnovers that cost the Irish the game.

Kelly says that Golson is taking full responsibility for the loss, but the Irish have a lot to work on as a team to improve.

Some fans wonder why backup quarterback Malik Zaire was able to get playing time at the end of the fourth quarter.

Kelly responded, saying the decision was to protect his starting quarterback.

“The game was out of hand, and there's no sense in getting your starter injured handing off the football. We were going to hand off the football two times to get, to get your starter injured as you're just running up the clock. You should get fired for that,” says Kelly.

Notre Dame will take on the 3-6 Northwestern Wildcats Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium.

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