Coach Brian Kelly talks about living out his dream

NOW: Coach Brian Kelly talks about living out his dream


NOTRE DAME, Ind. - We hear Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly talk about x's and o's daily throughout the football season but Coach Kelly is much more than a coach. He is a husband and father is well.

Coach Kelly opens up about his family and about living out his dream as the head football coach of Notre Dame.

Allison Hayes: What is like to be a head coach, and especially at a school like Notre Dame. I mean, this is your life, how do you navigate having a football life but also having a wife and children?

Coach Kelly: Well, my wife has got to pick up a lot of the slack and she does. She's so involved with our foundation, and spends most of her time running around trying to balance that, that is the things that I can't do for the family. And that is picking up kids from school, driving them to school as well as very active in our foundation and still finding time to be a great wife. So, that's a lot, putting a lot on her, so you have to have a great wife. And then I have three teenagers that are a handful right now, so I think all of that makes it a very difficult chore at this time for me as a football coach but as a dad with three teenagers, There's a lot going on at the Kelly house right now.

Hayes: I remember when you were hired and you're talking about the kids and they're just little guys at that time, to see them now, they're teenager. Kind of brag on them a little bit, be a proud dad.

Coach Kelly: I'm proud of Kenzel, our youngest, he's 15 and a freshman at St. Joe's, He's a freshman on the football team. My daughter Gracie is going to be a junior. She's 16 at Culver Military. And my oldest, Patrick, is 19 and he's going to be a senior. So, it's college and college coming up and driving and all of the things that you never think when they're so small. It changes really quickly, and everyone gives you that advise to be sure that you live every moment because it goes by quickly and boy has it gone by quickly.

Hayes: Looking back at your career, what has been your favorite moment as the Notre Dame head coach? Has there been a time where you almost had to kind of like pinch yourself like wow this is happening or gotten home and reflected and thought, 'Wow that was pretty amazing?' or 'Wow this is so special?'

Coach Kelly: Every home game I feel that way. When I'm done with the home games and I drive out of the stadium (with George Heater and JK, the 2 officers that take me out) it is surreal. It's like after the game, you're like 'man, you just finished playing as the head coach at Notre Dame.' Every moment that I drive home, it's surreal from that perspective.

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