Coach Kelly discusses season during radio show

Jack Nolan shares what Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly discussed this week on the radio show.

"We have high expectations at Notre Dame. It starts with God, Country and Notre Dame. I mean that's a high bar to live up to those expectations that we all have for ND football. So, we begin the work in January to put this football team and this program back to where it deserves to be. And that is competing for championships. We have one mission here and that's to graduate all of our players and win a National Championship. We fell short of that. We made the appropriate adjustments within the program. Everybody, from the head coach down to every single player, they've committed themselves to getting that mission of playing for a National Championship and working on the traits necessary to get there.  They're going to see a team that understands the bar at Notre Dame. It's such a high bar, but one that we welcome. That's why we come to Notre Dame."

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