Common Council Regulates Mopeds

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- They are small, quick, and a lot cheaper than a car or motorcycle. But mopeds are also being stolen all over South Bend.

"These scooters are not really built security wise great like that so as of then it is a common thief's tool, like I said we are seeing an uprise in thefts daily," says Aaron Reynolds, head mechanic at Action Cycle.

Bob Dean, owner of Action Cycle, says that this is a common occurrence lately with his customers.

"We have had a lot of customers come back and have had their scooters stolen, and we just had one three days ago," says Dean.

"We have had some customers who have had two of them stolen from them."

South Bend's Common Council see this as a big issue. SO city leaders are now drafting a new ordinance.

Soon, if you are a moped owner, you will be required to register your moped with the city.

"Just knowing that the young people who have to get these bikes registered will know that we are monitoring that," says Oliver Davis, Vice President of South Bend Common Council and 6th District Representative.

"The more involvement that we have through our police department, through our city leaders, through public awareness, we hope that it will deal with those matters that we have been facing where these mopeds have been used in drug trafficking issues," said Davis.

If this plan becomes law, registration will cost $20, and $15 to renew. And all fines will go to education on moped safety.

The public hearing on this new moped law will be held on July 22. 

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