Common Council to vote on proposal that could impact the number of drug houses in South Bend

NOW: Common Council to vote on proposal that could impact the number of drug houses in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Common Council is set to vote on a city law that could impact the number of drug houses within city limits. 

A councilman says neighbors are fed up with the sale of drugs on their block. 

Council President Tim Scott saysthis would allow South Bend to stay up to date with state law and would focus mainly on synthetic weed, also known as spice. 

According to Scott, dealers are changing up the deadly chemicals used in the weed and selling them right out of homes in the city. 

“You can have one house and it could affect blocks," said Scott. 

The proposal tightens up the current language surrounding a law that labels a house disorderly if its dealing illegal substances like synthetic weed or look-a-like drugs. The term "synthetic drug look-a-likes" would be replaced with "controlled substance analog". 

“Literally is no different than cocaine marijuana any other controlled substance drug," said Scott. 

Violators could still be fined up to $2,500, but the state now considerss the sale or use of synthetic weed as a felony which is why the change is needed. 

“Every time they make a change within the substance we have to make a change as well with our ordinance or there’s a loophole," said Scott. 

Scott says this change could increase the number of nuisance properties in South Bend. 

According to the South Bend Police Department there's only one chronic nuisance property in the city.

That home is on the 1000 block of Woodward Ave. 

SBPD could not confirm why the property is considered a chronic nuisance. Police officials say they can't speculate if the city will see an increase in nuisance properties. 

“It all comes down to quality of life and whatever we can do whatever we can tools we can use with the police department or neighbors or who ever to tackle this is crucial," said Scott. 


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