Possible breakthrough anticipated in Elkhart deadly hit and run

ELKHART, Ind. -- After nearly four months seeking answers, the Elkhart community hopes for a breakthrough in the case Tuesday. 

Elkhart Prosecuting Attorney Vicki Becker will hold a press conference at 2:30 regarding the hit and run.

The incident happened on August 26th near the of Beardsley and Cassopolis. Five family members were walking on the sidewalk when a silver cadillac veered off the road and struck them. The car then hit two other cars before leaving the scene behind. 

The crash killed 8 month old Dolly Smith, 11 year old Courtney Smith, and 22 year old Shawn Wolcott. 

Police have found the car, but have not made an arrest. 

Leaving the family and community with unanswered questions. 

Elizabeth McDaniel, who grew up in Elkhart, previously worked with the grandmother of the victims. She said she had a heavy heart Tuesday morning. 

McDaniel along with many others hope for a breakthrough in the case during Tuesday afternoon's press conference. 

ABC 57 News will have full coverage Tuesday evening. 

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