Community helps family in need

NOW: Community helps family in need

ELKHART, Ind. -- A Michiana family without a home after a devastating fire is now getting the help they need!

After watching ABC57's story Friday night, over 10,000 people have seen and heard the Frost families story and have reached out to help make sure they have all of the things they could possibly need and more.

The Frost family has been without a home now for two full days after a devastating house fire left them with nothing. 

The flames took all of their belongings, keepsakes, and the Christmas gifts that parents, Donald and Ashley, have been saving up for since July. 

Along with the fire the family has been trying to support their dad, Donald, as he has been in the hospital for over a month now recovering from an ATV accident that left him with a broken leg, back, and cut head.

After feeling so defeated, they saw a light as the community rallied together for them after hearing their story.

Ashley says she has received so many texts and calls asking how they can help her and her four children. 

That support is even evident online as the family has raised over $1400 in under 24 hours on their Go Fund Me page.

And today, Guidance Ministries of Elkhart opened their doors to the family and allowed them to come get food and presents for each of the kids.

Ashley was able to hand-pick out the exact gifts she thought her children would want and even was able to pick up some clothes and necessities for her and her husband. 

From games, to toys, puzzles, to arts and crafts--the family was sent home with boxes of food to help them celebrate the holidays with full bellies and lots of joy.

Ashley told ABC57 that she is just so thankful; "It just means a lot to me because if we wouldn't have each other or if any of us would have lost each other I mean that would be really really rough and I don't know i'm just thankful for my family, friends, and community."

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