Community leaders gather in hopes if minimum wage raises

South Bend community leaders got together to demand a raise in the minimum wage Friday.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined raise the wage advocates and local businesses present.

Indiana state law links the minimum wage to the federal wage and the 7.25 an hour wage hasn't changed since 2009.

Indiana law also bans local communities from setting their own wage and Mayor Buttigieg says local workers deserve more.

"The message is that those workers have power too at the ballot box and how they choose to spend their dollars.  So where you're deciding where to shop, shop at the place that treats its workers well.  And when you're deciding how to vote, vote for somebody who believes in giving Americans a raise,” said Mayor Pete.

They say raising the minimum wage will stimulate the economy.

They argue the current wage doesn't equal the cost of living.

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