Community members say proposed ICE detention center taints county's image

NOW: Community members say proposed ICE detention center taints county’s image

ELKHART, Ind.-   The proposed ICE detention center in Elkhart County has many community members upset. Those residents are now taking action in hopes of stopping the construction of that facility

Community members want their voices heard and that’s what they plan on accomplishing with Thursday’s meeting at 7 p.m. at Concord Junior High School in Elkhart.

Jose Elizalde, an active community member says Joliet, Illinois and Gary, Indiana have already said no to ICE detention centers.

Elizalde says Elkhart County is asking what they need to do to get that outcome. “We’re learning from them as well. We’re not just being panicky here. We’ve been responsible with what the community wants to do.

Elizalde thinks the proposed ICE detention center in Elkhart County would taint the image of what they stand for.

He says just the idea of having a center like that is frightening and could divide the community.

ABC57 previously reported CoreCivic already submitted paperwork to start construction pending approval., but Elizalde has a question for community leaders.

He asked what happens if and when immigration reform occurs?  

“We need immigration reform, if those laws pass, and people become legalized or through other means, what are we going to do with a big building?” he asks. “There’s already an empty building in downtown Goshen that is massive and it sits empty.”

Elizalde said there are many more issues wrong with building this center in this county.

He says some of those issues include violations of human rights, which according to him CoreCivic does not have a good reputation on.

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