Community responds to local wedding venue closing it's doors

NOW: Community responds to local wedding venue closing it’s doors

GALIEN, Mich.- ABC57 first broke the news to you on Thursday about a temporary restraining order placed on Harbor Banks Winery Barn in Galien, following an abrupt halt on wedding ceremonies

On Friday, local business owners and professionals are sharing their stories about the venue’s owner. The owner of Harbor Banks Winery Barn is Kevin Kelleher.

Kelleher received two notices of from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs because the state claims his business failed to comply with building codes.

Those who have been around Kelleher say he’s not abiding by the rules. “A couple months ago I drove past and there were signs hanging from the door and a lock across it,” says a local wedding planner. “He cut the lock and took the papers off the door.”

This local wedding planner wanted to remain anonymous, but says she knew the owner for more than five years.

“Let’s say, I don’t need to follow the rules type of attitude about the law,” she says.

Kelleher’s venue, according to the state, was not granted a certificate of occupancy because a mechanical permit was withdrawn, a fire suppression system permit was placed on hold and more.

This local wedding planner says this is something she saw coming. “I don’t know how someone can do that. They obviously don’t have a heart.”

Overall she adds many professionals in that area can agree that Kelleher had some bad business habits.

“It’s a general consumption around this area and vendors from this area that no one wants to work at their venues.”

Harbor Banks has been ordered to appear in court on October 19.

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