Community unites to honor Buchanan native who passed from COVID-19

NOW: Community unites to honor Buchanan native who passed from COVID-19

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Douglas Moore died last month at only 61-years-old, leaving behind his children and wife, Kelly, who wants people to know even though we’re a nearly year into this pandemic and things are looking up, COVID-19 is still ripping people from their families each day.

It all started on Dec. 14 when Doug got an unusual back ache.

Following a visit to his doctor, he discovered he had COVID-19, despite only feeling a little under the weather. 

“I talked to our doctor about COVID when it first started and asked, ‘What are you going to do if Doug and I get it?,’” said Kelly Moore. “And he said, ‘You guys are healthy, we’re going to let it run its course.’”

Kelly was unable to be with her husband once he was admitted to Memorial Hospital, then taken to IU Indianapolis two weeks later.

As the weeks pressed on, things only went downhill.

“His organs started to get affected by everything, he kept getting different infections in his lungs and they just couldn’t get it cleared up,” said Kelly. “And the hardest part is Doug was this strong, healthy man and it just took him.”

Just over one month later, on Jan. 16, Doug passed.

In the time since, Kelly – who owns local hair salon Impressions Styling – experienced what it really means to be part of a small town.

“Doug and I both grew up in Buchanan, everybody who comes to my shop is my family, I couldn’t get through it without them,” said Kelly.

A friend creating a GoFundMe in Doug’s honor that’s already gathered over $5,000.

As for what Kelly plans to do in his memory?

Going back to his high school roots.

“I want to do a scholarship in Doug’s name,” she said. “He would be very honored, he loved kids.”

Kelly said the clients at her salon have all been there for her to lean on, but she makes sure to tell everyone to take the pandemic seriously because the virus is real and took her husband too soon.

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