Comparing massive Texas crash to past Michiana highway pileups

NOW: Comparing massive Texas crash to past Michiana highway pileups

The death toll continues to rise in Fort Worth after icy roads led to a gigantic highway pileup Thursday morning.

Early morning freezing rain set the stage for the crash, which stretched for more than a half-mile and closed Interstate 35 West. The location of the crash made it nearly impossible for cars to see what was ahead of them.

While Michiana missed this ice storm, the area has seen it's share of serious crashes related to winter weather over the years.

Six years ago, heavy snow was to blame in a Kalamazoo County crash that killed a woman and sent 23 people to the hospital. Almost 200 vehicles were involved in the massive pileup in January 2015. Interstate 94 was closed for almost two full days while officials worked to clear the wreckage. There was even a brief evacuation of residents within a three-mile radius of the crash because of hazardous materials at the scene.

And, back in January of 2014, heavy lake-effect snow led to a 45-vehicle pileup on I-94 near Michigan City. Multiple semis were involved in the crash, and some cars ended up sandwiched underneath trucks. Some people had to be cut from the wreckage. Four people died and more than 20 people were injured as a result of the pileup.

Michiana's next chance of snow arrives this weekend, but snowfall should remain relatively minor. However, it doesn't take much ice or snow to cause crashes, so make sure to drive carefully!

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