Concerned citizen, South Bend police provide hotel for homeless woman on Christmas Eve

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend police received a call just before midnight on Christmas Eve about a woman who was struggling to stay warm outside of a business on the city's south side.

The wind chill at the time was in the range of -30 degrees, according to SBPD. 

Joe Breathitt, the concerned citizen who made the call, stayed with the woman as they waited for police to arrive.

Responding officers discovered that the woman was homeless and did not want to accept any assistance.

Mr. Breathitt asked police to check if there were any open hotel rooms available nearby, and officers located a room at the local Holiday Inn Express.

Mr. Breathitt offered to pay for a hotel room for the woman so that she could get out of the cold and get a good nights' sleep.

The woman accepted Breathitt's offer, and police transported her to the hotel, where Mr. Breathitt paid the $129 room bill. 

Mr. Breathitt said that he paid the bill to help both the woman, and South Bend police get out of the conditions.

He also gladly allowed his story and photo be shared with the community, in hopes that his act of kindness inspires others to commit their own generous acts this holiday season.

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