Concord High School celebrates opening of new fitness center

NOW: Concord High School celebrates opening of new fitness center

ELKHART, Ind. – Concord High School opened up a brand new fitness facility on Monday after construction began in September of 2018 and was completed in the summer.

The new facility cost around $5 million to build and at no expense to taxpayers, as it was financed through a bond lease.

The new fitness center replaces a 40-year-old weight room that was too small.

Students are saying that the new facility is a huge improvement from the last one.

“The quality of the workout was not as good because it was a smaller space and we were still trying to get as many students and athletes [as there are now] and it just doesn’t work like that,” Griffin Swartout said, who is a student at Concord High School.

Matt Murphy, who is the Fitness Director of Concord High School, says that the new facility will significantly benefit the health and well-being of students.

“This was built to help those students become better versions of themselves,” Murphy said. “So, physically, mentally in a sense of sports psychology and nutrition, sleep and things like that. So they can go out in the classroom and perform better. Instead of getting a problem on a test and getting frustrated and they shut down.”

The new facility will be used for student athletics and additional school courses.

The general public can come check out the new fitness center on October 30 from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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