Performing arts wing at Concord High School damaged by flooding

Director of Facilities Nate Koets (L) and Assistant Superintendent Scott Kovatch (R) pictured outside Concord High School's music department on Monday as water is pumped out of the building.

Air being blown by fans across Beickman Performing Arts Center's stage Monday morning.

Loading bay adjacent to the Beickman Performing Arts Center shows water level due to Sunday night's flooding.

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. ---  According to school administrators, Sunday's heavy rainfall has left several offices and classrooms in the performing arts wing of Concord High School damaged.

School officials say Sunday’s flooding has devastated parts of the Beickman Performing Arts Center.

The flooding was discovered around 5 p.m. on Sunday by Concord administrators.

Per protocol, custodial staff moved equipment, notified insurance representatives and water removal professionals in an attempt to clean up the affected areas.

“Unfortunately, the Beickman Performing Arts Center auditorium and adjacent classrooms took in several inches of water,” said Nate Koets, Director of Facilities. “With the help of Concord personnel and the crews from First Response, we were able to salvage equipment from the affected areas.”

According to a press release, water had traveled into the loading dock on the western portion of Beickman Performing Arts Center where it entered the building. Electricity and drainage were restricted due to ongoing construction on the south side of the school.

“We’ll need to complete the process of drying the area before we can fully determine the extent and type of repairs might be necessary,” Koets said. “We are grateful to crews from First Response who rushed to the school on Sunday night to help us begin the process of removing the water and clearing the area.”

A determination on the amount of damage that occurred is expected to take several days, according to Superintendent Tim Tahara.

“While it’s disappointing to find our facilities damaged, we are grateful that no one was injured. Once the initial clean-up work is completed, we’ll explore options in terms of restoration,” Tahara said. “We’re grateful to the support of our community and for our resilient staff and students who will, despite this setback, continue to look forward to the start of another great school year.”

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