Concord versus Plymouth highlights

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- Plymouth High School beat Concord 42-39.

When the game began there was an influx of scores and the first touchdown came from Plymouth’s quarterback Jack Barron who ran the ball into the endzone which made the score 7 to 0.

The Concord minutemen answered back when Junior Trevor Wilmore pitched a pass to Jerrell Pointdexter who ran it in for the touchdown. At that point the game was tied 7 to 7.

Then, Jack Barron sends a tail dragger in the air which was intercepted by Concord’s Cam Eveland for the pick six to give the minuteman the lead and make it 14 to 7.

Next, Justin Drudge gets slung a lateral ball, wiggles around out of a tackle and continues sprinting down the sideline for the score.

Concord throws an interception, it gets picked off by Plymouth's Jacob Frantz who runs it in to make the score 21 to 14.

Right before half time the minuteman kick a field goal to make the score at half time 21 to 17.

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