Congresswoman Walorski promotes G.R.O.W. tour

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski made her rounds across the District 2 Wednesday to start her Get Regulations out of the Way (G.R.O.W.) tour by visiting several Indiana farms, businesses, and factories.

She says the goal of her tour was to show how those entrepreneurs have been hurt by federal regulations. 

Walorski says regulations issued by the Obama administration costs tax payers, including small business owners and manufacturers, roughly $2 trillion in compliance.

Last week, Walorski showed her support for a bill that would reduce the burden of federal regulations.

“We want to make sure, like manufacturing that is highly competitive, that we level that playing field as much as we can. I do my part in tramping back these bureaucratic regulations that inhibit growth, and I think the numbers are one thing across Indiana right now [is people] want to work. They want to go back to work. They want better jobs,” says Congresswoman Walorski. 

Walorski says she will continue to promote her G.R.O.W. program into Thursday.

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