Construction on Toll Road causing major back-ups

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY -- If you’ve driven down the Indiana Toll Road recently, slow traffic is probably testing your patience. It's all because of several construction projects underway to repave miles of the major highway.

"You are going to see this up and down the Toll Road for the next several weeks and especially with the good weather they are going to try and get these repairs done as soon as possible," said Indiana State Trooper Robert Leffert.

That means drivers will go from areas with a normal posted speed limit, to just 45 MPH. So Indiana State Police are urging drivers to limit distractions and pay attention to the road.

"High speeds and large volume traffic has got to get slowed down in some places that are one lane. That takes some time and distance to do that so be aware of those posted signs and markings," said Trooper Leffert.

Yet already troopers are running into frustrated speeders, which is why police are reminding drivers to slow down and get to where they are going safely.

"Especially coming out of a construction zone and coming onto an other one, they just want to get around that one more vehicle and it puts everyone at risk when they do that," said Trooper Leffert. 

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