Construction projects to expect and how to drive safely this Spring

NOW: Construction projects to expect and how to drive safely this Spring

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Spring is coming and with the most recent sunshine…what is there to complain about? Well for some, maybe the roads.

INDOT’s maintenance crews switch from winter activities to roadway maintenance. Now, crews focus on filling potholes, clearing drains and watching flooding, and road construction projects.

While construction is infrastructure progress, for some, it can cause a lot of added angst. Drivers often times are impatient about the roadwork ahead, and crews work closely to cars who potentially are operating at high speeds.

Indiana State Police Sergeant, Ted Bohner, explains this is the season to pay attention because the lives of many are in your control.

“Pay attention. Pay attention to the signs they are always marked. The construction is coming up, and it gives basically the countdown of how close and what lane will be closed. Don’t get impatient. Indiana is hands free now so that distraction of the phone, definitely should be out of your hands, not distracting you. Pay attention and be a courteous driver,” says Sgt. Bohner.  

Most of these larger projects happen on larger roads like U.S. highways, state roads, and interstates. Starting March 10th through July 1st between Adams Road and I-80 Toll on U.S. 31, drivers can expect a 2 mile stretch of construction with traffic directed northbound.

Future work zones and construction projects, can all be found on INDOT’s Indiana Traveler Information site. INDOT also offers a mobile app with that information.  

Preparation is the first step, but being aware at all times is the safest mindset for spring driving. Sgt. Bohner explains traffic violations around these zones typically result in deadly crashes. Drivers who are not paying attention are the ones who run into stopped cars. In these situations, being distracted can take the life of many in just one second.

"Just remember everyone who is working out there has a family, is part of a family. And they are out there doing their jobs making our lives easier making it easier to get to point A to point B to enjoy our vacations or wherever we are going. Keep in mind they are human beings out there and humans beings in all the vehicles around you, so just drive the way you wants others to drive around you is the best way to put it,” says Sgt. Bohner.  

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