Continuous cooldown into the weekend

Light, scattered showers, being propelled by a northwesterly cold front, are making their way into Michiana. The rain becomes more organized later in the morning but dissipates by the afternoon. Our daily high will be hit in the mid-morning hours as many wake up to head to work or school, then temperatures start to drop for the rest of the day into the upper 20s tonight as skies open up. Saturday and Sunday will both have plenty of sun but will barely stay above 50. Temperatures continue to drop next week as hit the upper 40s by Monday and Tuesday. Rain and snow likely make their way back into Michiana during the middle of the week but should not significantly disrupt travel plans.

Friday: AM showers, partly cloudy after. High 53.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 28.

Saturday: Sunny. High 50.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 52.

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