Contractor shot inside West side home he was being paid to renovate

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend police say someone shot 40-year-old Marcus Henderson in a West side home, on Roger Street, that he was renovating.


Henderson was last listed in stable condition after getting shot in the stomach. Police say the man is doing well and that it was not a life-threatening injury.


While he is in the hospital recovering, neighbors living along Roger Street, near Huey Street, are still on edge.

When you look down the street of the South Bend neighborhood, you would have no idea that just hours ago one of the houses had been the scene of shooting.


Police say that is because there is almost no evidence of a crime other than the victim's gunshot wound.


No evidence, a vague description of the suspect and no leads means police are nowhere near catching the suspect. For neighbors like Amanda Mack, that means no peace of mind.


"It's real shocking. I am still shaking because of it. I have never had something like this happen before," says Mack.


Mack lives next door to where the shooting happened and was inside with her three kids when she heard the loud bang.


"I didn't know if it was someone trying to break in or something going on next door, so I just grabbed my three kids, ran upstairs and locked myself in my bedroom."


What Mack heard was a gunshot. The victim, Marcus Henderson, had been inside painting when someone came to the door. As soon as he open the door someone shot him.


Henderson's co-worker, George Hill, was in the back room working when he heard the gunshot. "I ran and I looked and to find Mr. Henderson on the ground shot and that shook me up quite a bit," says Hill.


Mack says she is still shaken. She says with three small kids in the house, she plans on taking extra measures to keep her family safe.



"I don't even know if I want my kids playing outside anymore because of this happening in broad daylight. It's really scary."

Everyone I talked to in the neighbor today says they hope that Henderson is OK and that police catch whoever did this.


Police say they have a description of the suspect given to them by two different witnesses that saw him fleeing the house on foot. However, police say they had to call off the search because the description was too vague.


Right now, police say they are counting on tips from the public to help them catch gunman.


(Note: The accurate spelling of the victim's name is unknown at this time.)

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