Cool and wet October across Michiana

 Despite seeing several days near 80, October will be remembered as a wet and cool month.

In terms of temperatures, October 2012 was slightly below normal.

The average high temperature for the month was 61.7° (-2.2°).

The average low temperature was just shy of normal at 42.1° (-0.5°).

In terms of rainfall, we had many rainy days, but not a huge amount of rain.  Most days just saw light rain.  In fact, light rain was reported on 22 of the 31 days in October.

The total rainfall reported at the South Bend Regional Airport (where local data and reports are officially recorded in our area) was 4.39".  

This is above normal by 1.07".  

The monthly total ties for the 25th wettest October on record according to the National Weather Service.

One thing many folks seem excited about is the lack of snow!  Although we heard several reports of flakes along with the rain falling due to the remnants of Sandy, no snow was reported at the South Bend Airport.

Normally, 0.4" of snow falls in October, so we ended the month with below normal snowfall (-0.4").

We shall see what November has in store for Michiana!  And, of course, we will be tracking whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us!

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