Cool Schools: Bremen Senior High School Show Choir go virtual amidst pandemic

Cool Schools: Bremen Senior High School Show Choir go virtual amidst pandemic

BREMEN, IN-- Stay calm and sing on, that’s the motto at Bremen Senior High School’s Show Choir class who found a way to continue their passion for music and dance amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

This school year, show choir at Bremen Senior Sigh school is taking the stage, virtually.

What was our first thought that came to mind when we thought, man we’ve got to adjust a few things here?

“As a choir teacher I was thinking a lot about it because when they were talking about airborne virus, I have hundreds of kids a day where they’re singing in front of each other," said Bremen Senior High School Show Choir teacher, Shelby Frazier.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak and state mandated closures, Frazier had to cancel concerts and performances, including their end of the year Spring Sing concert.

Frazier says she found a new way to not let all their hard work go to waste.

“So I have the students record everything on their cell phones and they send me those recordings and then I mix them with software that I have to get a good quality studio recording. It’s all sending things back and forth. By the end of the semester here in a couple of weeks we will have virtual performances for each show choir," said Frazier.

For show choir student, Hailee Clyde, not being able to put the show in show choir was a challenge for her and her classmates, but she’s excited with the results.

“We were so excited for our concert, and we were so excited for the musical we were putting on. We were also a little worried because we didn’t know how the virtual was going to turn out. Putting it together was really hard because it’s really hard to correlate whenever we’re not together but the final product was really exciting to see that all come together," said Clyde.

With only a few weeks left in school, Frazier is now working to bring the Spring Sing concert to the community's living room.

“We’re still focusing on the songs we would’ve performed at spring sing. Our end goal is to have at least have one virtual choir performance for each show choir that features one song from the performance that would’ve happened," said Frazier.

“In this specifically really hard time in the world right now, having that music, that together feeling right now is a necessity. I'm so excited to share it with the community. They love when we make art so i'm looking forward to sharing it with the public," said Clyde.

Frazier tells AB57 that Bremen Senior High School officials are allowing all seniors to come back for prom next year, and  to perform at their annual Spring Sing after schools get the okay to re-open.

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