Corn Dryer on Fire

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Eric Berger said he did not even know that his corn dryer was on fire until he got a call from his neighbor.  The corn dryer was holding 3,000 bushels of corn when it caught fire. 

Five fire departments responded to the call and the fire was put out in about an hour.  No one was injured.  They are trying to remove the burnt corn in and attempt to salvage the rest of the corn.  Farmer Eric Berger says this fire put a real damper on his workday.

"Today was a nice day. We have been through the rain and I was figuring on really shellin corn today and things are not going to good", said the owner of the farm Eric Berger.

There is still no word on what caused the fire, but Berger's insurance company is investigating.

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