Could March be another snowy month?

NOW: Could March be another snowy month?

We're only five days into the new month and we are already talking about new snowfall numbers. Nothing crazy, but we typically don't see big winter weather events in the third month of the calendar year. Those events usually come and go in January and February. In Michiana, 7.1" of snow falls, on average, in the month of March. Some coming through tonight into Tuesday morning could bring 1"-3" to the Toll Road and Michigan counties, which would be a hot start being only 5 days in.

7.1" is the normal for South Bend and Michiana in March. It's only March 5th and we could see 1"-3" by tomorrow morning.

But, long term models are hinting at a much calmer weather week next week. The hot start could potentially cool down rapidly into mid-March, but there is a long way to go in the month as the tail end is anyone's guess.

The Climate Prediction Center points to a wetter March for all of Michiana and so far, they are right on target. Be sure to continue to check back for updates on upcoming rain/snow forecasts.

The CPC has all of Michiana in a 33-40% chance of see above average precip in March.

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