Council rules committee votes to move forward on dispute investigation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- An investigation was launched into a complaint against a South Bend Common Councilman.

On Wednesday afternoon, the council's rules committee voted unanimously to have attorneys look at the issue.

Councilman Fred Ferlic made no statement after the council rules committee vote to move forward.

This all started last week when Common Councilman Henry Davis, Jr. accused fellow Councilman Fred Ferlic of saying Davis "looked like a drug dealer", while wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Davis said the comment was disrespectful and stereotypical.

After Davis filed the complaint against him, Ferlic released a statement that read:

"It was meant strictly as a joke. At no time was race, creed or gender mentioned. Therefore, I still believe wearing sunglasses inside the council chambers, without a medical condition, is disrespectful to our elected officials."

Either way, a meeting of the council's rules committee was called for on Wednesday.

ABC 57's Jason Aubry has more on the latest turn of events.

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