County issues statement on rough roads

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — The recent weather is creating the perfect conditions for potholes and rough road conditions. And because of this recent trend, local road crews are taxed with fixing potholes on Michiana's roadways.

St. Joseph County says that crews are out working on area roads to keep them passible. In some cases, they are using sand to fill in holes as a temporary fix. However, they warn until those holes are properly fixed some roads will remain rough.

Crews are working as weather permits. They also continue to work to clear snow piles to help drainage from the melting snow to avoid ponding.

County officials say drivers should use caution when driving over these roads and be alert in order to spot potholes. They are also urging drivers to give others room while safely trying to avoid potholes.

List of rough roads in the county:

  • Elm Road between Madison Road and New Road

  • Kenilworth Road between Tyler Road and Shively Road


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