COVID-19 booster shot goal set for Michigan

The State of Michigan announced on Tuesday that a goal has been set to administer a COVID-19 booster shot to one million more Michiganders between now and January 31.

State officials added that this goal includes administering a COVID-19 booster shot to 95 percent of eligible nursing home residents in Michigan.

“As Omicron becomes the dominant COVID-19 variant in the United States, we all have to step up this holiday season to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Our hospitals and health care workers have been working tirelessly to save lives, and we are in for a tough four to six weeks. We must all take action to protect ourselves and help our healthcare workers and hospitals do their jobs,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Residents experiencing symptoms that are consistent with those associated with COVID-19 are encouraged by state officials to get tested before travelling and gathering for the holidays.

“If you are gathering with family, friends or traveling to a bowl game, be extra vigilant, get vaccinated, get tested and wear a mask to keep yourself and your family safe,” said Elizabeth Hertel, Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

To set up an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination, visit here.

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