COVID-19 update for Warsaw

NOW: COVID-19 update for Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind. -- The City of Warsaw is warning its residents about the concerning rise of COVID-19 cases in Kosciusko County as the Delta variant continues to spread.

Health experts in the area have announced that the Delta variant now accounts for almost 98 percent of COVID-19 cases. They only accounted for one percent of total cases in May of 2021.

Warsaw Mayor Joseph Thallemer shared his advice for anyone wanting to protect themselves and their neighbors from contracting or spreading the virus.

“You know the more we can get the immunity built up in our communities, the quicker we can put an end to these variants. Be that through natural immunity, ok, but it’s simple, easy, safe and effective to be vaccinated and that would be my encouragement here,” said Mayor Thallemer.

Thallemer is looking forward to Warsaw returning to normal after residents take appropriate measures to protect themselves and one another from the virus.

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