Covid spike could put high school football games on hold

NOW: Covid spike could put high school football games on hold

ELKHART, Ind --- Friday night lights, the regular season, wraps up this Friday night. There are many area teams looking to make some noise in the playoffs, but the spread of Covid-19 in Elkhart County may pose a threat to its' finish. 

The county moved to color code orange Wednesday, as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the area. 

The increase in cases has sparked discussions about the plan for high school football as they begin preparations for the IHSAA postseason tournament. It is a season Elkhart Truth Sports Editor, Ken Fox badly wants to see completed or it is the student-athletes who will be hurt the most. 

"These are the kids that are going to be hurt by this. The athletes" said Fox.

A season cut short is a possibility for teams within Elkhart County if the virus situation does not get under control. Something great area teams such as the Fairfield Falcons, Northridge Raiders, and Elkhart Lions wouldn't want as they are in a midst of a magical on-field season.

Lions' head coach Josh Shattuck spoke about how he obviously would like to finish the special season but understands the situation is not in the teams' control. 

"You know our efforts on and off the field has been a special season so far obviously a lot of obstacles. A lot of moving parts, but you just control what you can control," said Shattuck. 

The Elkhart Lions, currently in their season, has a 6-0 record and the community buzzing about the season's possibilities. Those possibilities, among any other Elkhart County team, could abruptly end. 

IHSAA officials have designated any team experiencing a Covid outbreak during the postseason will be given a no contest, with their season that means so much to everybody involved being ended prematurely.  

"What it means to us is obviously a lot it does not mean anymore in a pandemic or not in a pandemic. It just means a lot to our kids and community," said Shattuck. 

There are currently no plans to cancel any postseason contests, but that plan, amongst many others during the pandemic is subject to change at any time. 

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