State Road 2 in New Carlisle clear after crash

NEW CARISLE, Ind. - Police have cleared a three-vehicle crash in New Carlisle.

It happened just before 8:30 a.m. on State Road 2 at Timothy Road.

St. Joseph County police say the driver who caused the crash was turning left off of SR 2 and onto Timothy, and didn't see a pickup truck coming the other direction. 

The vehicle crashed into the side of the truck, and then crashed into a third vehicle that was driving past. The original vehicle spun out and hit a road sign. 

Two drivers were taken to the hospital complaining of neck and chest pains.

A third driver refused medical attention.

Police say at this point, this just appears to be an accident.

The road reopened about an hour after the crash.

New Carlisle Crash 1 New Carlisle Crash 2 New Carlisle Crash 3

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