Crashes and slide offs in St. Joe County, Indiana Toll Road

NOW: Crashes and slide offs in St. Joe County, Indiana Toll Road

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Later into Friday evening presented a bit of the lull in the winter weather storm.

Less precipitation made the day a lot less busy for officers in St. Joseph County.

But the St. Joseph County Police Department says it was an overall steady and busy day, responding to 48 crashes and slide offs combined.

They say that number increased in the early evening hours during the work commute and as it got darker but slowed down after the snowfall stopped.

On the other hand, the Indiana Toll Road implemented a winter weather ban that will affect larger vehicles from taking the toll road.

The ban only impacts triple tractor-trailers, long-doubles, and high-profile oversize permit loads.

These vehicles won’t be able to access the toll road from Friday evening until Saturday at 7pm. 

That’s presumably because of the number of incidents on the turnpike Friday.

Indiana State Police tell us there were 19 crashes, causing 2 minor injuries, and 11 slide offs so far. 

County police add that State Road 933 was one of their biggest response areas, including the busy areas of State Road 23, Capital Avenue, and the bypass.

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