Crews tearing down Lifeline building damaged by fire

ELKHART, Ind. -- The old Lifeline Youth Center building in Elkhart is being torn down after the 100 year old building was destroyed in a fire.

The fire started next door and spread to Lifeline.

The gym is all that’s left of the landmark, but Lifeline will continue to use it for a variety of activities.

This isn’t the end for Lifeline. Executive Director Darrell Peterson says they plan to rebuild downtown so they can stay accessible to Elkhart kids.

“Not having a building has made it difficult but we've just kind of sat back and said what are the things that we can do and obviously we are doing it to have the 25-percent growth,” said Peterson.

Lifeline says insurance money will cover some of the rebuilding costs, but it will have to raise the rest.

Staff members are working with the local YMCA and a few schools for different activities.

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