Cass County Prosecutor's Office to host Crime Victims' Rights week

CASS COUNTY, Ind. – Cass County Prosecutor Victor A. Fitz has announced the beginning of this year’s Crime Victims' Rights Week.

The series of events will begin on April 8 and end on April 14.

The theme of this year’s event is “Expand the Circle-Reach All Victims.”

Citizens, prosecutors, elected officials, schools, law enforcement and representatives of the judicial system will be taking part in celebrating victim empowerment.

The message of 2018 will be “Strength, Resilience, Justice."

The goal is to engage the community to reach victims and provide options for services.

The scheduled events include a display of grade school artwork, book cover contest, an essay contest luncheon as well as a flagpole ceremony and reception.

For more information or to join in helping crime victims contact the Cass County Victim’s Rights Unit at 269-445-4460.

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