Technology helping cows adapt to time change

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – Daylight saving time means losing an hour of sleep.

The clocks moving forward not only disrupting people’s sleep schedule but apparently for the cows too.

One local farmer in Berrien County says cows like consistency and technological advancements are making the milking process much smoother.

Five years ago at Shuler Dairy Farms, farmers used to have to readjust their morning routines to keep the cows’ milking schedule consistent around this time of year.

But now, automatic machinery is making things a bit easier these days.

“Oh, that’s quite an important factor. It’s just two times a year that we use to kind of dread and we don’t even think about it anymore,” said Bill Shuler, owner of Shuler Dairy Farms.

He’s seen the changes for generations from milking cows to now where machinery is doing that job.

The family farm has been in the business for more than one hundred years.

He says he wishes he could show his grandparents how things are done today.

“We’ve had the robotic milkers for five years now and have been loving every day of it,” said Billy Shuler, son of Bill Shuler and owner of Shuler Dairy Farms too.

Before the machinery, they had to get up earlier to match the routine and still do chores.

Now, with technology helping out the whole process is smooth as butter.

“The cows just keep coming and going as they please. And we just watch and take care of them and try to keep things a consistent as possible,” Bill said.

And that advancement, not only helping the farmers make their days easier but keeping the cows comfortable, too.

“Cow is a creature of habit. They want something done the same time. The same way. Everyday. Whether it’s being milked the same time or the same kind of feed. They just want the same thing,” Bill said.

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