Deadly apartment fire raises complaints from tenants

NOW: Deadly apartment fire raises complaints from tenants

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Investigators are working to find out why an apartment kitchen fire in South Bend’s east side claimed the life of one man Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, families living at Prosper Apartments on Jefferson Blvd. claim not enough is done to keep tenants safe.

Adverse conditions apparently make the complex a revolving door for different realty groups.

"They've had three property managers here in just three years," tenant Albert Jackson said.

The current owners of the former Park Jefferson Apartments, Indianapolis-based Laherty & Collins, issued a statement to ABC 57 calling Sunday’s deadly fire a tragedy.

“We had scheduled a meeting with South Bend Fire Department for this week to educate residents on fire prevention and will continue to work with residents further in this area,” a portion of the statement read.

Whether it’s alleged fire risks - or other maintenance issues - Jackson argues those shouldn't be his responsibility.

“They know that it’s me and my wife calling them,” Jackson said.

“We have so many times, man. They’re lying. They’re completely lying.”

Laherty & Collins added they weren’t aware of the foundation or mold issues renters like Jackson claimed.

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