Death toll increases in Canadian train explosion

LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec -- A weekend runway train explosion has left a small Canadian town looking like a warzone and investigators are still searching for answers.

The Associated Press is reporting that the death toll is up from five to 13 people. Just under 30 people are still unaccounted for.

The train was carrying crude oil when it derailed and exploded.

Quebec officials are working around the clock to find answers and to locate those who are missing.

"Quebec officers have been working all night to plan the operations that are going on today. Investigators have been meeting with the family members to either get some files or some information as to the persons who are missing right now," said Quebec police spokesperson Benoit Richard.

Investigators believe it may have been an engine shutdown and brake problem that caused the train to derail.

They did find a recording device on board that could have more answers.

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