Decline in Local Music Scene Hurts Business

One look inside club fever last night and you would think that the music scene in Michiana is healthy.
But a for sale sign in the window told a different story, that south bend's music scene might be a thing of the past.
Club fever hosted national music festival Snocore last night. Hundreds turned out, but club fever President Dee Davis said he hopes for more interest.
"The music scene in South Bend is going through a little bit of a lull. It's tough for all the venues to fill capacity," Davis said.
Fans turned out last night for their favorite bands.
"i came out here to see Flyleaf mostly," said visitor Brandon Taylor.
But shows like this are rare.
"There was a time when we did 20 to 25 shows a year. Now this is the last one we have booked for quite a while," Davis said.
And it could be the last. Davis has been trying to sell this venue since August, with no success.
But in the meantime, he is still hanging onto the memories.
"We've had a pretty good run. We've sold out a lot of shows. We've had a lot of people in here and a lot of people have had great times at concerts," Davis said.
It's a different tune since Davis first started.
"More and more people are listening to satellite radio or streaming their music or getting their music from other places than the radio. So it's really hard to reach those people," he said.
As the curtain closes on Davis' career and club he hopes folks in Michiana can rediscover a passion for live music. He encourages Michiana to attend local shows and explore new music in the area.

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