Despite the blizzard, food delivery workers take to the streets

ELKHART, Ind.-- Even though there’s a travel watch Friday night in Elkhart County, people still need to eat. Some food service workers were still out delivering food to hungry customers, braving the terrible road conditions.

For pizza delivery drivers, like at Saylor's Pizza in Elkhart, the slick and snowy roads didn’t stop them from delivering fresh food.

On a frigid night, pizza can be just what you need to warm up.

“Yeah a lot of people are calling because they don’t know if we're open because the way the weather is outside,” said lead driver Douglas VanSyckle.

In a blizzard, most restaurants close down, but not this one.

“Our job is to service the public," he said.

Saylor’s Pizza in Elkhart was one of the only options for a local pie.

He said his attitude is the same, whether it's a nice day or a blizzard. Delivery drivers like VanSyckle braved the cold and terrible road conditions to bring customers a fresh meal.

“It’s kind of like a family,” he said.

VanSyckle said this storm is unlike anything he's seen over the 10 years he’s worked at Saylor's Pizza, delivering food to the community.

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