Destiny Rescue fundraiser

GOSHEN, Ind -- The first Freedom Walk was put together by Destiny Rescue, a non-profit organization that wants to help young girls by bringing them out of terrible situations.

"Our primary focus is rescuing underage girls out of sex trafficking. We’re talking over a billion kids right now who are being sex trafficked around the world and that’s not ok," said Destiny Rescue's Director of Engagement, Chris Russell.

Organizers say the reason the walk is 24 hours long, is because of what the young girls go through in their 24 hours.

Now that same reason, has participants showing up to support.

"It hits home when you consider the fact that you’ve got a thirteen-year-old and she could, if born in a different place part from the grace of God, she could be in a situation just like that, and that’s heartbreaking," said participant Aaron Scholl.

The support showing up in bunches, all to raise money to meet the initial goal of $40,000, but has now been increased to $120,000.

"We’ve raised over 111,000 dollars in this event.", said Russell.

That amount is putting Destiny Rescue in a position to help even more young girls.

"On average every 1500 dollars, we're able to rescue a child. That's the average cost to fly our agents in where we've identified under-aged girls being used and abused to do their undercover work and to be able to get that girl to a safe place to start her path to freedom," said Russell

One participant even kept young girls who were rescued, in her home in Cambodia, to help reintegrate them to society.

"It’s not a simple process you know they have to work through it. There’re things we have to deal with but when we get past that point, the joy, the smiles, the growth that I get to see and witness and just rejoice with them is just amazing," said Destiny Rescue's Cambodia project manager.

The event is set to end tomorrow at 8 in the morning, leaving time for participants to still support and register for the event.

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