Diamond Lake event spark COVID-19 concerns online

NOW: Diamond Lake event spark COVID-19 concerns online

CASSOPOLIS, Mich.--- Diamond Lakes Independence Day event drew hundreds of people together.

What's getting people talking though, is how close and how many people were gathered in the one area during the celebration.

Multiple videos of the event have started trending on social media platforms, with hundreds of people out on the sandbar with very little social distancing in place.

Comments have been coming in from both sides of the argument, some celebrating the occasion, while other concerned with how the event could cause a surge in COVID-19 numbers.

"It's exciting to see, this is a fun show too because there's a lot of music. It does make me nervous," Diamond Lake firework show leader Aubrey Schrock said.

"You know everybody has their own opinions on what's going in the world and what needs to be happening."

ABC57 reached out to health officials for comment to see how they feel about the event, but have yet to hear back.

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