Doctor who found baby in dumpster testifies


In the second day of testimony in the trial of Purvi Patel, the doctor who helped search dumpsters for the baby testified.

The doctor, with St. Joseph Regional, said this was not a simple miscarriage. He testified that the umbilical cord appeared as though it was from a pregnancy in the second trimester.

The doctor testified he called police and said there was a patient who appeared to have given birth but didn't have the baby.

The doctor testified he learned Patel put the baby in a dumpster, so he and the police went to the plaza on University Drive to search for the baby.

After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the doctor testified the baby was found in a dumpster behind Moe's Southwest Grill.

He said the baby was found in plastic bags.

He testified he concluded on scene the baby was deceased but appeared to be normal and healthy at one point.

The prosecution showed photos of the baby after he was found.

Police also testified that they searched the dumpsters at the plaza in Granger on University Drive.

One officer described the baby as looking a bluish gray color after he was taken out of the plastic bags. 

While other members of law enforcement searched the Patel home.

Patel faces one count of feticide and one count of neglect of dependent.

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